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Sugarcane by Cassandra Celia

Pub. Date

March 28, 2023




Alexis Richoux: Developmental, Line & Copy

What secrets would you keep for the one you love?

Dulcie and Caine have been married for years. They're perfect together, unsuspecting and living in their suburban home with friendly neighbors and a satisfying routine.

Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Then, Dulcie witnesses the murder of a girl in her own the hand of her husband. Her next mov seems unspeakable; cover it up and forget it ever happened. And, of course, clean up his mess. She couldn't send her husband–and the love of her life–to jail.

The trouble is, Caine doesn't know about the sacrifice she made or the lengths she continues to go to keep his terrible habit hidden from everyone around them. Dulcie isn't interested in him finding out either.

Secrets are dangerous. While he keeps his second life a mystery to her, she keeps her clean up act hidden from him.

Too bad she's now tied up in her basement.
Too bad Caine decided that she was next.

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