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The Elric Undoing by Cassandra Celia



Pub. Date

October 31, 2023


Alexis Richoux: Developmental
Bear Lee: Line & Copy

From author Cassandra Celia comes a new paranormal horror novel about one girl’s surprise inheritance that unravels secrets best kept buried.

Pyet Cabello never expected her life to change with the arrival of one letter—sent by her estranged, deceased grandmother. But when her mother immediately threatens her life at the very mention of the letter's contents, Pyet flees the home she'd been trapped in, escaping her mother's proclaimed demise and into the teeth of the mysterious town of Elric to claim her inheritance.

When she arrives, Pyet is suddenly thrust into an occult world with residents who share a history flushed with dark magic and who worship a mysterious leader. And, of course, a manor haunted by ghosts that demands she leave immediately. In search of a family she felt like she never had, Pyet is determined to uncover the truth about the town that scared her mother so deeply and stole her grandmother away all those years ago.

Drawn to its dark past, Pyet's intrigue won't let her leave—and Elric doesn't want to let her go either. Before she realizes it, Pyet is enveloped in the town's customs and rituals disguised as friendships, and the longer she stays the less interested she becomes in uncovering Elric's secrets after all. The town Pyet's mother fled from long ago might be the place where Pyet finds the home she's been searching for.

Unfortunately, it might also be her undoing.

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