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Stars and Other Monsters by Cassandra Celia

Pub. Date

April 01, 2022


Dark Fiction

Cover Designer

Emily Wittig Designs @emily_wittig_designs

Memories will bring you to your knees, if you remember them.

Icarus only remembers his last life, the many others that Luci stole from him have been lost to time and magic.

He spends his days stuck in the place she created, reliving the same day in limbo and cursed in death. While he dances in this world, each life he lived before plays out in others. He loved Luci in each life, never knowing the true reason for their clandestine rendezvous.

He was a victim of a scorned wife, a serial killer hunting a woman afraid of the dark, a crime boss whose missing son sends him over the edge. He has done many bad things, some worse than her. Soon Luci will return his memories, and when she does, Icarus will be left with an important decision to make; one that will alter every dance, every life, and every future he planned for himself.

Formatted as interconnected short stories, STARS AND OTHER MONSTERS tells the story of infidelity, lost love, and the many lengths we go to seek revenge.

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